What’s Eating You?

Hello! You have made a commitment to psychotherapy and medication management. What are your thoughts about rounding out your treatment plan with comprehensive nutrition therapy?

In working with individuals who span generations, along with various nutrition concerns, nutrition therapy is pertinent whether you want to focus on your mental health or medical needs.


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Three Essentials for an Outpatient Eating Disorders Program

In order to run a successful outpatient eating disorders program, the institute can’t stand alone…there has to be heart. Are you in this work for the right reasons? Is it only your left toe that is in the water, or are you all in? A passionate professional is committed to everything they do…

The essentials in the development an outpatient eating disorders treatment program are many, ranging from business planning to financial management. However, without vision, passion, and determination, the plan and financials mean very little. This article is written for those who have created, cultivated or work in outpatient eating disorders programs who want to be the best at what they do, and who are determined to do whatever it takes to continue to have their program be of service to patients.

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Climbing the Mountain of Life

Mountains are like life. As you climb your way up, you will encounter many challenges.

As I climbed Cathedral Rock, a famous landmark Mountain in Sedona, Arizona, this past March with my daughter and her friend, I reflected back on the past year. I went from transitioning a thriving business, that I had built from the ground up, to leaving it behind with new caretakers as I began to move forward onto the next phase of my life. Although not easy at first, I realized that the letting go process was an important step in this transition. What seemed to be harsh moments were actually gifts in disguise, as I embraced each wave with gratitude.

As I move into this next chapter, I now understand my “next” and trust that my life experience will serve me in the face of any challenge. As you take this all in, you too may be at the next crossroad with many decisions ahead. Know and understand the following:

Mountains are like life. As you climb your way up, you will encounter many challenges. Stay with your intention – believe in yourself. You may encounter loose gravel that may cause you to slip and derail you. Don’t go down that path. Follow the path on the mountain that is made of solid and sturdy rocks, as these are the foundation of the mountain’s integrity. Stay in your truth.

On your climb, forces of collusion may try to shift your balance, while the elements that you once thought were your support, are now your foe. Know that what appear to be adversities are truly powerless as they operate in fear. Be aware of your surroundings – know who and what you can and cannot trust. Remember that as you remain authentic, substantial ground will support you and on your path, you will attract same.

Mountain climbing, like life, is not a destination, but a journey to be enjoyed.