Three Essentials for an Outpatient Eating Disorders Program

In order to run a successful outpatient eating disorders program, the institute can’t stand alone…there has to be heart. Are you in this work for the right reasons? Is it only your left toe that is in the water, or are you all in? A passionate professional is committed to everything they do…


The essentials in the development an outpatient eating disorders treatment program are many, ranging from business planning to financial management. However, without vision, passion, and determination, the plan and financials mean very little. This article is written for those who have created, cultivated or work in outpatient eating disorders programs who want to be the best at what they do, and who are determined to do whatever it takes to continue to have their program be of service to patients.

via Three Essentials for an Outpatient Eating Disorders Program – Eating Disorders Catalogue

Author: beverlyspricerd

Beverly Price is a certified eating disorder registered dietitian, iaedp supervisor, C-IAYT Yoga therapist. She is an inspiring author and international presenter. Beverly is recognized for bringing Yoga therapy to the eating disorder treatment community.

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