Yoga & Nutrition

She introduced herself, and only years later did I realize how sisterly we were. It was Beverly Price – a dietitian-yoga teacher blending the two to help people with eating disorders.

Recently, I had the honor of speaking to the Michigan Association of Nutrition and Dietetics on Yoga and Nutrition. My colleague, Annie B Kay is also a pioneer in this field and wanted to share her blog on Yoga Therapy in Dietetics.

Annie states in her blog, “Those of you who have known me for a while know that I have been combining nutrition with yoga since before there was so much great science explaining the mechanisms of why it’s helpful. Yoga, it turns out, makes us better choice-makers. Yoga also creates an internal biochemistry that calms inflammation and when practiced regularly can be protective against chronic disease.”

Read the entire blog post here: 


Author: beverlyspricerd

Beverly Price is a certified eating disorder registered dietitian, iaedp supervisor, C-IAYT Yoga therapist. She is an inspiring author and international presenter. Beverly is recognized for bringing Yoga therapy to the eating disorder treatment community.

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